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Building Bridges: ESPN Talks Wellness

Five months ago, a group of about 3

0 women attended the inaugural meeting of a brand new organization focused on helping professional women network. Five months later, this number doubled as Bridges Unite’s veterans and newcomers met at The LAB Miami for May’s edition of Bridges Unite.

“Bridges Unite is a dynamic inclusive network of diverse women who want to fulfill their personal and career ambitions at the highest level,” said Bridges Unite co-founders Debra Pogorelsky and Shanna Parra. “[It] strives to build a forum to share ideas, learn, and grow. It’s also a place to build trusted relationships designed to help further our communities, personal goals and professional development.”

“It’s important because it’s an organization for professional women,” said Joanna, one of the women who attended the event on May 4th, adding that she thought Bridges Unite and it’s events, which focus on a different topic each month, are needed in professional women’s circles. “There’s a lot of challenges for women and events like this are an important way to meet each other.”

This time, ESPN joined forces with Bridges Unite to bring together Elizabeth Bracero, Fitness Expert and Health Coach, and Vero Vidal, International Yoga Master and Life Coach, who formed a panel to discuss what wellness means to women today and how to achieve it.

Bracero and Vidal addressed topics such as nutrition, exercise, mental and spiritual well-being and maintaining clarity through the challenges of daily life.

Milka, a women’s life coach and consultant who was attending her first Bridges Unite event that Thursday, said she thought the evening and panel were wonderful. “It’s very inspiring and thoughtful,” she said, adding that health and wellness are topics that need to be discussed more.

“In less than 5 months and predominantly through word of mouth, the impact of Bridges Unite has spread to attract an active and passionate community as evidence that women are hungry for a group that can help them grow and advance in their goals,” said Pogorelsky and Parra.

Bridges Unite is a multi-faceted network that looks to inspire and empower by connecting with women, strongly committed to expanding their knowledge and connections. The goal is to help each other improve our businesses, careers, personal and philanthropic endeavors. Labels do not define us, we are all connected. Together we stand to grow, support, lead, partner up and bond.

The goal it is to bring women together to empower each other and expand their knowledge in many different subject matters. Membership and events, are open to the public and live streamed on the organization’s Facebook page.

To learn more visit, or write to us at

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