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Miami, Florida, USA


About Bridges Unite

Our Mission

We were born to accelerate the professional growth of women by helping them achieve their dreams and become financially independent following their passion. 

Our Purpose

To leverage the power of networking, education and passion to support each other and transform our environment & communities. 

Our Values

Real: We all show up as we are - transparent, honest and with out true face forth.

Inclusive: We value diversity of age, ethnicity, gender, religion, ability, experience and more. Diversity is key to success.

Curiosity: We are always learning and looking for new and efficient ways to carry our work.

Our Work

Bridges Unite is a community of passionate, independent and ambitious women who have come together to make this a better world. Through our platform we want to help other women be heard, and be the launchpad for their dreams, no matter how big or small.

Meet Team Bridges Unite

Meet Team Bridges Unite

Debra Natasha Pogorelsky

Founder & Chief Passion Officer

Rasheedah Surakat


Estela Romand

Experience & Music Director

Ana Ruiz

Growth & Live Content Director

Marianna Schiavino

Head of Strategy & Product 

Sara Vigil

Head Coach & Member Relations

Majo Grossi

Head of Photography & Video

Azul Botaya

Web Designer

Kathleen Kowall

Team Success

Susana Munari

Event Planning Specialist

Vicky Van Der Eerdewijk

Journalist & Producer

Cristina Serarols

Head of Design

Juliana Jaramillo

Writer & Editor

Carolina Roldan

Social Media Strategist

Victoria Ormanechea

Social Media & Content Curator

Sofia Valassidis

PR Lead

Our Advisors

Veronica Korbenfeld

VP Strategy, Disney