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United States

ASTA is a Digital Marketing Agency that offers clients a personalized, results-driven, analytic focus. Our team of industry experts will elevate your online presence, whether you are a seasoned veteran of the web or looking to get your head in the game.






ASTA was created in 2016, as founder Diana Ariza, as well as much of the business community, began to recognize the potential to expand small and medium business marketing into social media. Diana has a medical background in Nursing and Psychology currently working on NeuroMarketing Master in OBS with dual degree in Spanish and English. All her work is done in Multi-Languages and Purposedly personalized for each line of business.

Supported by an innovative, growth-minded Creative Director with extensive experience in Bogota, Colombia (TEDXBogota, Pepsi, Jenno’s Pizza), Diana and team organically grew their expertise into the Orlando, Florida market and from there, developed remote operations in Miami, FL and now Greenville, SC.
With a robust presence in Bogota, Colombia, Miami and Orlando, FL, and Greenville, SC, ASTA offers a passion without end and possibilities without limits.

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