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Join Us for 10 Days of Connection

In recent years, people have become increasingly divided across lines of difference. Incidents of hate have increased, and tolerance for differing ideas has decreased. For ten days each year, Radical Partners challenge the entire community to do the opposite: break down silos and engage in acts of connection, to build empathy, to increase understanding, and to refocus on our shared humanity.

At Bridges Unite our power lies in our community. There couldn't be a better time than now to join the 10 Days of Connection family along other 100 organizations and businesses from South Florida and other cities. It takes place from May 1st through May 10th, and we will be hosting two sessions along Wet Cement & Symba.


Innovation through Inclusivity

Wednesday, May 6th @ 6pm EST, Link to Zoom

Since the missions of both "10 Days of Connection" and Bridges Unite is to build more inclusive, collaborative and connected cultures, we are joining forces with Advance Women at Work, a gender equality practice powered by Wet Cement, to provide an inspirational and actionable workshop on "Innovation through Inclusivity." This interactive workshop will reveal new proprietary research and insights on fearlessness, along with academic insights on confidence, communication, connections, control and courage. You will learn what internal and external barriers frequently prevent women and marginalized groups from achieving their professional potential, and strategies that will help overcome those roadblocks for you and those in your life. Every attendee will walk away with new techniques to foster a more collaborative team and confident self-image. Attendees will:

  • Learn key variables in the Inclusivity Equation that can help you build a magnet culture to attract and retain talent

  • Understand the latest research on how diverse teams accelerate growth, returns and innovation

  • Gain strategies and techniques to recognize your own barriers and biases to achieve your potential

  • Leave with strategies to build more inclusive organizations and teams


Female entrepreneurs making an impact in times of COVID-19

Thursday May 7th @ 6pm EST, Link to Zoom

While the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected millions, it is not only impacting the current workforce, but also the millions of students and women going back to work, who make up the future of work. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employees, nearly a million internships may be cancelled this summer, with companies like Glassdoor, StubHub and Yelp already announcing their cancellations.

Internships provide a unique opportunity for students to kickstart their careers, setting up students for success post-graduation, and giving them them skills and confidence. Cancelled internships means less job prospects for thousands of students and in return a limited pipeline of talent for companies. Thus, it is imperative that students still have access to these opportunities remotely. 

In this session we will be joined by Symba, the leading remote internship platform helping companies transition their internship programs to go remote. We will discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on interns and the future of work, how Symba is helping companies host their internship programs remotely, and ways in which we can support others in this time of need.

We will be sending a reminder with the link to Eventbrite shortly.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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