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How You Can Stay Sane and Focused During Quarantine, According to Ella Romand

We are all being bombarded 24/7 about the COVID-19 pandemic, not only on TV, but also all over the Internet, Social Media, Whatsapp groups, and basically every conversion leads to it.

Yes, it is important to be informed and know what is going on from reliable sources, but it seems like everyone is becoming obsessed with the subject, fighting on FB threads, people panicking and I’ve never seen so many conspiracy theories popping up like this before.

So, on an attempt to stay sane while staying home, here are a few suggestions:

Make a list of all the things you would like to work on in the house: fix that broken shelf; go through your closet and get rid of stuff you don’t need; clean the kitchen cabinet, organize your records. Having a list will help you keep track of things.

Go through your computer and start a list of all the things you could do/work on: organize your music/picture’s folder; go through your old documents and delete irrelevant folders that are taking up space; start a new online cooking course; etc. Udemy is having a big sale and offering most of its courses for $10.99!

Go for a walk (IF safe and allowed!) by yourself or with your housemate and try not to talk about the subject for the entire walk. Maybe go to a different path in your neighborhood that you don’t normally explore so other conversations may arise.

For a few hours a day, disconnect from the TV, put away your phone and do something you enjoy (writing, playing music, drawing, reading)

Meditate. If you have never done it before, now is a great time to start. There are hundreds of videos online for guided meditation, it is way easier than it sounds and more effective than you think!

This has helped me stay busy while being productive, I hope it will help you too. Stay at home and be safe, everyone.

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