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Azul Botaya on Switching Career Paths and The Power of Female Unity

Updated: May 13, 2020

Here is an interview we did a few months ago with one of our dearest ambassadors, Azul Botaya. She is one bad-ass woman who does not stop and always keeps working, creating and developing herself, professionally and personally.

I hope you find this interview as motivating as I did, and that it makes you believe in yourself more than ever!

What motivated you to study Web Development?

I’m a graphic designer, at some point in my career I started to look for new job opportunities. In that search, I saw that my career needed new skills and new challenges. I faced that with a lot of enthusiasm and decided to learn new things. That’s when I found web development as a great tool.

How has Bridges Unite impacted your life?

It has impacted it a lot. 10 years ago I came to Miami and as soon as I came, I discovered the way to interact with other women, professionally or personally was different from the way we do it in Argentina, where I was born. In Bridges Unite, I found friends, mentors, inspirations, and a lot of new learning opportunities in different ways.

Tell us 3 things you consider are the most important about having a women’s network?

As I mentioned before, the support, inspiration, and networking. In these challenging times, it’s essential to have authentic and real women closer.

A woman that has influenced your life?

My grandmother. She was the pillar of my family. She taught me the real value of hardwork and the value of being a woman.

What would be your recommendations for someone who is looking to change career paths?

I’d say “just do it”. Forget the excuses. It’s never too late to start over and discover new skills you may be ignoring

What is the most difficult part about being a freelancer?

Self-organization and managing your priorities. Also, it’s been difficult to go out and promote myself and my work.

A recommendation to not feel alone in the entrepreneurship or freelance journey?

Do not stop creating and doing. Be organized. Share your work and achievements. Word of mouth is the best sales strategy.

Tell us your top 3 knowledge sources for professional development?

First, Michelle Poler. She inspired me a lot. I follow a lot of brands and blogs, but I always turn my attention towards strong women like Carolina Herrera or my friend Debra.

If you want to connect with Azul, feel free to reach out to her here. Tell her you read about her here in Bridges Unite blog, she will love it ;)

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