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Your True Power Is Not What You’ve Been Told

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I remember being told that being powerful means having money, having titles, being loud and extroverted, being special, or being somehow “chosen”. We live with the misconception of what is truly your power. Those unrealistic ideas make many of us think we’ll never be successful and we’ll never be powerful.

Fortunately, I have great news for you; the truth of your power is far from that. In fact, your power lies within you, it lies within your belief. However, this fact is far from simple, and needs to be explored further.


What does “Your true power lies within your belief” really mean? It means you must:

  • Believe that you can unleash your own superpowers!

  • Believe without doubt that you can and will fulfill your desires.

  • Believe so deeply that it creates a level of intensity in your thinking so that your desire becomes a burning obsession.

  • Visualize it and emotionalize it vividly.

You have to believe at the level where you know that you can overcome any obstacles that may arise. That you will pay any price. You will give and do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.

When you believe like this, you invoke the superpowers of your mind and your alter reality.

Here is the truth about power: Being of power means to connect what you do to who you are. Being of power influences and alters your actions, sensations, feelings, and emotions.

DOING: If you are of power, you:

  • Serve others, not just yourself.

  • Show up and are reliable.

  • Shape the future in ways to help, not harm.

BEING: If you are of power, you:

  • Are accepting: You’re not in denial.

  • Are grateful: You celebrate successes.

  • Are generous: You’re kind and considerate of others (but not at the cost of self).

  • Practice stillness: The result not always comes from doing. Work smarter, not harder.


True power comes alive when you love what you do; when what you do aligns with your values and you follow your intuition and creativity. The more time we spend doing in these spaces, the more we are true to who we are.

In true power, you are easily focused. You are motivated, disciplined. You have a vision and you create your own future.

True power is everywhere and in everyone around us. You’ll realize that less fortunate does not mean less courageous or less of power. Which means YOU are of power! Step up to the opportunity to be in your power and be the part of the solution for today’s world.


Living in your true power is a choice. Look deeper into the areas below to discover your powers within:

  1. Power of intuition: Trust your inner knowing, that sensation in your gut.

  2. Power of vulnerability: It’s ok to be highly sensitive and introverted, to feel more aligned with yourself than with others.

  3. Power of being yourself: Identify your uniqueness and amplify it, allow your true self to shine.

  4. Power of living your life purpose: Let your inner flow guide you and lead you to your ultimate purpose.

  5. Power of facing your fears: Move forward gently towards your fears, no longer allowing fear to dictate your decisions

The idea is simply that we endeavor to become more in touch with who we are, what we’re capable of, and what we want out of life. We bring together our emotional and physical health, dedication to effective communication, and personal as well as professional relationships. If you feel rather stuck in knowing who you are, read more in my blog: I Feel Stuck In My Life – What Do I Do?

In this attempt to better define and understand ourselves, we become better equipped to deal with others. We set priorities, take initiative, and solve problems. With this ability to influence people in order to get things done, we become leaders for our community.


Don’t let NO stop you. Don’t be afraid to fail. Obstacles are detours in the right direction. You are stronger than fear tells you, embrace your power.

You are worthy of influence and leadership. Claim your worthiness today and choose to release any blockage that is stopping you from being the leader you were born to be.

Mantra: I was born to be bold. I was born to lead.

Warmly, Aleksandra

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