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How your brain blocks you: The Interview

Discomfort is the birthplace of change and change is inevitable. Unfortunately, whenever there is change, desired or not, it is the place where we tend most to behave in ways that lead us to question ourselves, in other words, "to react." There’s nothing more uncomfortable or conflict producing than getting caught in the crossfire of two competing don’t wants. This is where there are two different things that have come up for you, that you don't want to happen, and you have to decide between the two of them. Often when this happens, one of the ways that we react is by avoiding the "discomfort" by acting impulsively. Impulsive decisions aren’t decisions at all. They are in fact, a reaction called the "fight" reaction. It’s hard to SEE it, because it’s a hidden reaction. You believe that you made "an executive decision," on a tough call but you really didn't decide.

To help you understand this a bit better, take, for example, what happened with my client Steve’s “Dream Job” interview. Read about it here.

Please join Dr. Julia Harper and Bridges Unite on October 11, 2018 at Miami Ironside to learn more about how your brain blocks you at work, and what you can do about it! Click here to register today!

About Dr. Julia Harper

Bridges Unite is proud to introduce you to Dr. Julia Harper, Ph.D., M.S., OTR/L. She is the CEO and founder of TheraPeeds, the world’s leading brain-based family intervention center in Davie, FL. She is also a psychologist, occupational therapist, life coach, mentor, speaker, writer, wife and mother. She brings all these roles together to serve her mission of helping children and adults live their lives beyond limitations.

For over 20 years, Julia has focused on creating brain-based therapeutic programs that tap into neural-plasticity, the brain’s ability to adapt and change. As a highly sought-after speaker both in and outside of the therapy industry, Dr. Harper’s talks span the globe. She teaches large and small audiences how to create the necessary mind environment for positive behaviors to thrive.


Facebook: Julia Harper, PHD

Instagram: juliaharper_phd

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