Badass mom wine

United States

Non-alcoholic sparkling rosé for moms





Hi, I am Angelica, the mompreneur behind Badass Mom Wine, and I dream that every mom can have a glass of rosé at any stage of motherhood.


 The idea to create this wine was born when I was pregnant, and I was craving a glass of rosé. Everything that I found tasted like grape juice, and I wanted the REAL TASTE but with ZERO ALCOHOL.


From this desire, we created our BADASS MOM SPARKLING rosé that keeps the flavor and removes the alcohol. The way this is made possible is by fermenting the wine first in Spain and then removing the alcohol. 


 I believe that every mom is a superhero and deserves a drink of her own to celebrate at every stage of motherhood.

We are the go-to drink for every pregnant or breastfeeding mom that needs a mental break, wants to raise their glass, and to celebrate this new fantastic season of their life. With this rosé, every new or pregnant mom will no longer feel excluded from social moments anymore.

A NON-ALCOHOLIC wine for pregnant moms that tastes like the real thing!!!